About Cynthia

the intuitive healer ~

hiiiii babes! my name is cynthia, universally known as cynchronicity ~ wow.. where do i start? well first i wanna say, thank u so much for taking the time to get to know me & learn more about what i came here to do as a powerful Spirit! this was a call i could not escape from even if i wanted to! but i absolutely would never because helping others on all levels of existence is my fucking passion guys! liiiike.. the high i get from seeing other Spirits come into their power & gifts is beyond me!!! & that’s why i am here to remind u of this truth. of the pure magick & strength that resides within u. a lot of us, including myself, didn’t grow up with much spiritual guidance or how to navigate in a world full of hate & greed. .  so we did what we could to survive & meow we’re at a very pivotal time in our lives of immense transformation & healing ~ so i, cynchronicity, am here to assist anyone who is ready to remember. to forgive. to rewrite. to move on. to empower themselves. to love themselves. to make any & all changes necessary to walk the path of their purpose & dreams ~ 

matrix-y details about muah ~ 

~born & raised in CHITOWN, currently in Dallas, TX.

~i fucking LOVE to dance. . i can dance to anything. wind. farts. u name it.

~i love making videos, music videos, dance videos, all videos.

~i love writing, singing, journaling, creating, laughing, cussing, & eating.

~i love spending time in nature & absolutely ADORE cats!

~music is everything to me especially house music! ahhhh hellllo, Chicago native.

~i am a child at heart! which involves dancing in the rain, playing in the mud, making mistakes,
& very curious about e v e r y t h i n g.


My Story

since i was a little girl, my gift of sight was predominantly intense to say the least! i could see & feel things others couldn’t or wouldn’t. Older people would come to me for advice at the age of 7! no joke. i’ve always been a listening ear to so many but the most magickal part of everything is how deep i have & am able to tap into someone’s energy & see the “why’s” & “how’s” behind it all aka bigger/deeper picture. i help the unaware become aware. shine light on the dark. see dark in the light. aka not be blinded by illusions/deceptions. create balance in the imbalance. there are many labels for my gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc. . but i simply call it being myself, honestly. aside from being an intuitive healer, i am a certified health coach & yoga instructor ~ health & fitness is a major part of my life! so as u can tell, i mean it when i say i love helping others on ALL levels of existence. heheh. i am here for all ur self care & self love needs babe!


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